100+ Best Photoshop Actions & Effects 2024

Today, we’ve gathered some of the best Photoshop actions available, catering to both photographers and graphic designers.

Adobe Photoshop Actions stand out as a fantastic feature of the application. They enable users to develop a systematic process or workflow, record its execution, and effortlessly replicate the sequence for other photographs or design elements.

Despite their affordable price, these actions provide a remarkably potent toolkit, allowing users to easily reproduce complex and intricate processes.

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Dystopian Photoshop Actions

Dystopian, a high-speed action bundle for swiftly applying futuristic neon colors to your nighttime scenes in Photoshop. All effects are pre-rendered, streamlining the testing process.


Hologram Photoshop Action

This creative Photoshop tool produces a distinctive hologram-like effect specifically designed for portrait photos. User-friendly and available in 6 different color variations, it is ideal for crafting posters, covers, and creating unique background effects.


Luminance – Animated Photoshop Action

This Photoshop tool enables the incorporation of vibrant motion and kinetic effects into your photos. Additionally, it serves as an animated feature suitable for creating videos or animated GIFs using your photos. The lively and colorful design of this effect renders it an excellent option for crafting promotional videos as well.


Cracked Wall Photo Effect

Enhance your projects with the Cool Photoshop Cracked Wall Effect Action! Easily transform your images into attention-grabbing masterpieces. This PSD action, with smart object integration, ensures a user-friendly experience. Achieve a dynamic effect in just a few clicks. Try it now for a creative breakthrough!


Abstract Line Photoshop Action

Introducing a distinctive Photoshop action that produces vibrant abstract lines, imparting a mesmerizing touch to your photography. Ideal for portrait photography, this action offers a range of color presets for your selection.


Sand Dust Powder Explosion Photoshop Action

The sand or dust explosion effect is frequently employed in posters, flyers, and videos. With this Photoshop action, you can effortlessly replicate this effect in your photos. Additionally, the effect is animated, providing versatility for crafting GIFs and videos.


Watercolor Portrait Effect

For those seeking sought-after Photoshop effects for portraits, your search ends here. Elevate your portraits instantly with the mesmerizing touch of this watercolor Photoshop action. Enhance your images with these chic Photoshop effects and bring them to a whole new level.


Photo Cartoon Effect Action

Infuse a playful and whimsical vibe into your photos using this entertaining cartoon effect Photoshop action. This action subtly introduces a cartoonish touch to images featuring people and animals, making it a delightful choice for graphic designs as well. Please note that this action is compatible only with Photoshop CC and higher versions.


Anaglyph Effect Photoshop Action

Achieving a stylish anaglyph effect is a breeze with this Photoshop action, requiring just a few clicks. Effortlessly enhance your posters, flyers, and diverse designs with vibrant anaglyph effects using this user-friendly tool.


Realisitc Vector Cartoon Photoshop Action

Cartoon effects add an enjoyable touch to your Photoshop actions repertoire. This Photoshop cartoon action kit effortlessly transforms any image into a lifelike vector cartoon. User-friendly and compatible with all software languages, it’s a simple yet powerful tool. Give it a go and amaze your friends with these entertaining Photoshop actions.


Glued Paper Photo Effect

Presenting a ready-to-use Photoshop PSD template showcasing a convincingly crafted glued paper photo effect. Ideal for poster designs and diverse presentations, this effect adds a touch of realism. The PSD template incorporates smart objects and well-organized layers for your convenience.


Vintage Comic Book Effect

Effortlessly turn your portrait photos into vintage comic book drawings using this Photoshop action. This user-friendly PS action is compatible with nearly all types of portrait photography. Please note that Photoshop CC is required to utilize this action.


Cracked and Chipped Photo Effect

Unlock captivating attention with a must-have Photoshop action for a cracked effect. In just a few clicks, witness a realistic cracked transformation on your image, perfect for creating stunning posters and more. Photoshop action cracked effects have emerged as some of the most sought-after trends this year.


Glitch Lines Effect Action

Infuse a nostalgic retro vibe into your photos using this Photoshop action. By incorporating glitching TV scanlines, it transforms your photos into reminiscent scenes from 1990s television.


Free Rustic Photoshop Action

This free Photoshop action enables you to enhance your outdoor photos with a subtle rustic effect, making simple improvements to give your photos a more professional look.


Watercolor Photoshop Action

Year after year, watercolor remains one of the most sought-after Photoshop effects. Join the trend with this stylish watercolor Photoshop action. If you aspire to turn your images into artistic masterpieces, this portrait-focused Photoshop action is the perfect choice. For optimal results, apply it to high-resolution images.


Free Painting Photo Effect PSD

Get this photo effect for free to generate stylish painting effects for your photos. The effect is available as an editable PSD file with smart objects, making it as simple as copying and pasting your photo to apply the effect.


Street Paint Cartoonizer Photoshop Action

Transform your portrait photos into a street painting-style masterpiece effortlessly with this Photoshop action. Sporting a vibrant cartoon-themed effect, it produces a cool and colorful look within seconds. The user-friendly PS action is compatible with Photoshop CS4 and higher, ensuring easy application.


Fragment Photoshop Action

Make the most of 2024 with incredible Photoshop actions, and this new attention-grabbing addition is a game-changer for transforming any image. The prism effect Photoshop action utilizes Smart Object Replacement and boasts organized layers and files, ensuring a seamless and easy workflow.


PinUp Retro Effect Photoshop Action

Transform your portrait photos into captivating pinup posters effortlessly with this Photoshop action. Inspired by classic pinup poster designs, it adds a retro touch. The action is user-friendly and highly customizable for easy application.


Charcoal Sketch Art Effect Photoshop Action

Utilize this Photoshop action to give your contemporary photos the appearance of black and white charcoal pencil sketches. Ideal for both portrait photos and graphics, the action includes accompanying brushes and patterns for a comprehensive experience.


Abstract Face – Photoshop Action

Maximize the potential of 2024 with remarkable Photoshop actions, and this latest attention-grabbing addition is a transformative game-changer for any image. Graphic designers will undoubtedly appreciate the utility and enjoyment offered by this Photoshop action. It enables the creation of stylish designs with portraits, incorporating abstract shapes, colors, and effects.


Selective Sketch Photoshop Action

Easily turn portions of your photos into sketch drawings using this impressive Photoshop action. With an adjustable sketch effect, you can precisely target and enhance specific objects and areas within your images.


Horror Distortion Photo Effect

Explore one of the most astonishing Photoshop actions for achieving a spooky and mysterious outcome. Effortlessly craft a horror distortion photo effect with this kit, utilizing Smart Object Replacement for a distinctive result in just a few clicks.


Glitch Plastic Overlay Photoshop Effect

Blend the widely favored glitch effect with a plastic wrap overlay in this Photoshop effect to produce a distinctive appearance. Ideal for posters, flyers, and packaging designs, it adds a touch of realism to your visuals. The effect is conveniently accessible as a PS Action.


Free Light Leak Photoshop Action

This free Photoshop action empowers you to incorporate authentic light leaks into your photos. Showcasing a subtle and natural light leak effect, it is perfect for bestowing a nostalgic touch to your images.


Cyberpunk Photoshop Action

Embrace the trending cyberpunk look effortlessly with this new Photoshop action. Apply these Photoshop presets to your images in just one click. The Cyberpunk Photoshop PSD Effects pack offers a selection of six duotone neon colors for you to choose from.


Curved Halftone Effect Photoshop Action

Give your photos a vintage halftone makeover with this Photoshop action. Featuring a distinctive curved halftone effect, it imparts a classic vintage charm to portrait photos. The PS action is designed for compatibility with Photoshop CC and higher versions.


Lo-Fi — Photoshop Action

Infuse your images with a timeless vintage essence using Lo-Fi. This exceptional Photoshop action incorporates light leaks, image distortion, and grain effects to authentically recreate a retro aesthetic, giving your pictures the appearance of being straight out of the 1980s.


Double Light Photoshop Action

Explore the dynamic world of light with the captivating Double Light Photoshop Actions for Photographers. Blend diverse colors to create a plethora of visually engaging special effects. Easily apply these Photoshop Elements actions to enhance your favorite photos.


Free Pop Art Photoshop Action PSD

This free Photoshop effect showcases a stylish pop art effect reminiscent of the poster designs from the well-known Obama’s Change campaign. The template is accessible as an editable PSD file.


Light & Airy Photoshop Actions

For photos that demand attention, this set of Photoshop actions is undoubtedly the optimal choice. Offering 50 light and airy actions, it effortlessly revolutionizes the appearance of your everyday pictures with just a single click of the button.


Anaglyph Photoshop Action

Explore and experiment with your favorite photos using this PSD effects pack, which includes 4 fundamental anaglyph and 11 experimental anaglyph Photoshop actions for you to enjoy.


Watercolor Effect Photoshop PSD

If you appreciate effortlessly designed PSD templates with trendy effects, this template is worth exploring. Showcasing a vibrant watercolor painting-style effect, you can effortlessly edit and customize this PSD template to transform any of your photos into a captivating watercolor painting.


Vectorial Photoshop Action

Vectorial is a professional Photoshop Action that swiftly transforms your photos into vector art with just a few clicks. Ideal for artistic designers, it eliminates the need for spending days on each photo. Now, applying a powerful effect takes only a few minutes, effortlessly yielding impressive results.


Fervent Photoshop Action

Fervent Action is a Photoshop Action designed for quick and impressive photo manipulations. It adds elements like Explosions, Lights, Clouds, and vibrant Color grading to create a suspenseful theme. Perfect for Designers and Photographers seeking unique and attractive creative designs without requiring professional skills. Easily use it for CD covers, Posters, Flyers, Ad Campaigns, Social Media, and more.


Vintage Photo Effect PSD Template

This Photoshop effects template is available as a ready-to-use PSD file. Simply replace the photo, and instantly transform your portraits and wedding photos into vintage masterpieces.


Real Estate Photoshop Action

True to its name, this collection of Photoshop actions is an ideal solution for elevating real estate photography, suitable for various architecture or landscape shots that demand a crisp, polished appearance. Featuring 25 distinctive actions, all easily applicable with a single click, this bundle is compatible with Photoshop versions CS6 and above.


Color Festival Photoshop Action

Infuse a vibrant burst of color into your cherished photos with these Photoshop actions for photographers. Elevate your images by accentuating movement, introducing interest and variety, and transforming ordinary moments, such as a jump, into extraordinary explosions of color.


Anaglyph Glitch Photo Effects

This Photoshop effect to effortlessly apply a glitch photo effect to your images. An essential template for creative poster and flyer designs, it enables the creation of stunning glitched images and graphics with ease using the provided PSD effect.


InStretch Photo Stretching Action

Stretch your photos effortlessly with this uniquely remarkable Photoshop action. Featuring 5 stretch effects, this action can be applied to your images with ease, resulting in a super cool and visually striking final outcome.


Summer Duotone Photoshop Actions

Explore the abundance of choices in this delightful collection of Photoshop actions. Whether it’s purples, greens, yellows, or more, enhance your photos by adding a stylish duotone effect to create the perfect aesthetic for your upcoming project. With 20 options available, the possibilities are endless.


Chromatic Overlay Photo Effect

Harness the potential of this overlay photo effects bundle to craft psychedelic-style designs for posters, flyers, banners, social media posts, and various other creative projects. With 21 diverse overlays in PSD format, simplify the process by using smart objects to seamlessly incorporate your images with just a single click.


CineStock Photoshop Actions

For photographers or enthusiasts capturing the beauty of nature and outdoor scenes, this collection of 18 Photoshop actions is a valuable tool. Specifically tailored to enhance various types of outdoor photos, the effects in this pack elevate your images with a cinematic touch, transforming them into captivating scenes reminiscent of a movie or TV show.


Watercolor Photoshop Action

Easily incorporate a watercolor effect into your photos with just four simple steps—and one click! These sought-after Photoshop effects offer five distinct color options, producing delightful and textured results.


Free Canvas Painting Photoshop Action

This free Photoshop action empowers you to produce a distinctive canvas painting effect for your photos. It includes all the necessary patterns and gradients to facilitate the creation of realistic paint strokes and textures.


Anaglyph Glitch Photoshop Action

This Photoshop action enables you to effortlessly apply a distinctive anaglyph/glitch effect to your photos with just a few clicks. The non-destructive nature of the action allows you to preserve 100% of the original image, and it includes a bundled video tutorial to guide you through the editing process.


Smoky Double Exposure Photoshop Action

Craft stunning and vibrant photo effects using these Photoshop actions. The package includes example PSDs, along with ink spatters, brush drawings, and a helpful guide. Achieve remarkable colored smoky layouts effortlessly in Photoshop.


Glitch Photo Effect PSD Template

For enthusiasts of the glitch photo effect, this Photoshop template is a valuable tool. It enables the effortless creation of a trendy glitching effect for both your photos and graphic designs. The template is equipped with well-organized layers for seamless customization.


Pen Sketch Photoshop Action

Every traditional artist knows that ink pens are very difficult to work with. But you can achieve that fabulous pen sketch look with this Photoshop action. Follow the step-by-step video tutorial to watch the process unfold, and then try it out yourself! No wonder it’s one of our best Photoshop actions.


Elite – Photoshop Action for Portraits

Created by a team of professional photographers, this distinctive Photoshop action is tailored to elevate your portrait photos with a subtle color filter. The PS Action proves to be highly beneficial for optimizing photo shoots as well.


Scarlet – Fantasy Photoshop Action

Scarlet comprises a duo of distinctive Photoshop actions, drawing inspiration from fantasy films. The set includes a standard fantasy film effect along with a darkened version. Both are crafted to enhance the beauty of your portrait photos, especially those captured in outdoor lighting, making them more stunning than ever.


Color Fusion Photoshop Actions

Merge abstract shapes with vivid color palettes through the Color Fusion action pack. Explore dynamic color schemes to attract more followers and engagement. This pack includes six files, eight lighting angles, and various color presets.


Vintage Film Grain Effect for Photoshop

Introducing another retro-style Photoshop effect that imparts a vintage charm to your photos. This PSD template incorporates a film grain effect, enhancing your modern photos with a nostalgic look and feel.


Double Exposure Photoshop Action

The double exposure effect is a widely popular technique in graphic design, commonly seen in movie posters and various other designs. Typically, creating this effect requires considerable effort, but with this Photoshop action, you can effortlessly achieve a similar double exposure design with just one click.


Textum — Photoshop Action for Portraits

The double exposure effect is a widely popular technique in graphic design, commonly seen in movie posters and various other designs. Typically, creating this effect requires considerable effort, but with this Photoshop action, you can effortlessly achieve a similar double exposure design with just one click.


Anime Speed Lines Photoshop Action

The double exposure effect is a widely popular technique in graphic design, commonly seen in movie posters and various other designs. Typically, creating this effect requires considerable effort, but with this Photoshop action, you can effortlessly achieve a similar double exposure design with just one click.


Free Comic Poster Photoshop Actions

Looking to turn your photos into an attention-grabbing vintage comic style? Your search ends here with these Photoshop Actions, offering a variety of impressive features that make customization a breeze.


Free Acrylic Painting Photoshop Action

Transform your photos into acrylic paintings effortlessly with this free Photoshop action. It generates a realistic effect, providing a natural painting-like appearance within seconds. Apply the filter with just one click for quick and easy enhancement.


Ripped Paper Effect Photoshop Template

Effortlessly craft a lifelike torn paper effect with this Photoshop template. The effect is provided as a PSD template, allowing easy editing of the file to manage layers and apply this realistic torn paper effect to your own graphics and photos.


Anime Hand Painting Photoshop Action

Transform your photos into anime drawings using this stylish Photoshop action. The straightforward action creates a hand-drawn painting-style effect. The PS action includes brushes, patterns, and instructions for easy application of the effect.


Distortion Glass Photo Effect PSD

Employ this Photoshop template to generate a lifelike distorted glass effect, seamlessly fitting various portrait and Instagram photography styles. It serves as a versatile tool for crafting distinctive graphic designs.


Free Movie Grade Photoshop Action

Utilize this free Photoshop action to produce a cinematic Hollywood movie-like effect for your photos. The action incorporates the popular green color grading look, adding a creative touch to enhance the overall appearance of your images.


Natural Airy Effect Photoshop Action

Elevate your selfies and portrait photos with a light and airy aesthetic using this Photoshop action. Whether you’re an influencer or editor working on a social media photoshoot, this action is a must-have for enhancing your visuals.


Grunge Photoshop Text Effect PSD Template

This Photoshop text effect is provided as a pre-made PSD file, enabling you to create captivating text designs with minimal effort. The template includes organized layers, facilitating easy editing of the text as needed.


Free Cyberpunk Photoshop Actions

For enthusiasts of the contemporary cyberpunk design trend, this Photoshop actions kit is an essential addition. With 10 stylish cyberpunk-themed effects, it is a must-have for infusing a futuristic aesthetic into your graphic designs.

Smudge Painting Photoshop Action

Craft a creative smudge painting effect for your photos effortlessly with this Photoshop action. The action features a simple yet artistic effect that adds a unique and creative touch to your artwork.


Modern Graphic Poster Photoshop Action

Engaged in poster design but short on time to create a captivating graphic? Utilize this Photoshop action to effortlessly generate unique graphics for your flyers and posters. User-friendly and equipped with pre-made color options, it offers simplicity and convenience.


Digital Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action

Transform your photos into intricate pencil sketches instantly using this impressive Photoshop action. Particularly effective for close-up portrait photos, the action is accompanied by brushes and patterns for added versatility.


Rose – Free Retro Text Effect

Ideal for crafting retro-style titles and headings in your design projects, this free Photoshop text effect is a perfect choice. The effect is downloadable for free and can be utilized in your commercial projects as well.


Oil Painting Photoshop Action

Use this Photoshop action to impart a subtle oil painting appearance to your portrait photos. The uniqueness of this effect lies in its ability to add a gentle oil painting touch without completely transforming your photos.


Pet Photos Photoshop Actions

Enhance the charm of your adorable pet photos with this collection of Photoshop actions, offering 25 different effects suitable for both indoor and outdoor shots. These actions are compatible with Photoshop CS3 and higher.


Skin Retouching Photoshop Action

Tailored for enhancing portrait photos with ease, this Photoshop action focuses on basic skin retouching effortlessly. Perfect for efficiently refining batches of photos, you can also customize the effect according to your preferences.


Isolate – Lens Blur Photoshop Action

Recreating the lens blur effect in Photoshop can be challenging and time-consuming to achieve a natural look. However, with this Photoshop action, you can effortlessly create the effect with just one click. Additionally, it imparts an HDR look to your photos.


CyberPunk Effect Photoshop Action

Riding the wave of the cyberpunk trend dominating the design world, this Photoshop action creatively incorporates the trend. It enables you to infuse a vibrant neon filter effect into your portrait and landscape photos. Your social media photos will undergo a transformative change after applying this action.


Aquarelle Watercolor Painting Photoshop Action

Aquarelle is a sophisticated Photoshop action designed to impart a realistic watercolor painting effect to your photos. Although versatile enough to work with any type of photos and images, it shines brightest when applied to landscape and nature photography.


Retro Engraving – Free Photoshop Action

Grant your photos a convincingly retro engraved appearance with the help of this user-friendly Photoshop action. Featuring multiple variations of the effect, the best part is that it’s available for free download and use.


Modern Art Photoshop Action

For enthusiasts of modern art, this Photoshop action is sure to captivate. It enables you to metamorphose your images into modern works of art by incorporating various design elements. The package also encompasses over 40 color presets for added creative versatility.


Vectorial Photoshop Actions

Metamorphose your images into vector art effortlessly using this distinctive Photoshop action, complete with editable vector backgrounds and effects. Ideal for portraits and close-up shots, this action adds a unique touch to your creative endeavors.


Clown Photoshop Action

Introducing a distinctive and intriguing Photoshop action that effortlessly turns a face into a clown face with just a few simple clicks. Packed with a variety of useful tools, this action is an excellent choice for projects requiring a touch of horror and mystery.


Free Christmas Photoshop Actions

Infuse Christmas cheer into your photos with this set of six Photoshop actions, elevating your holiday pictures to a new level of special. Meticulously crafted, these effects skillfully balance whites, soften tones, and enhance the overall mood of your images.


Free Warm Matte Photoshop Actions

This collection of Photoshop actions effortlessly introduces warm matte effects to your photos, dramatically altering the entire look and mood within just a couple of minutes. A valuable resource that undoubtedly deserves a place in your designer’s toolkit!


Abstract Art Photoshop Action

Craft a distinctive abstract art appearance for your portrait photos and images with the assistance of this Photoshop action. Leveraging the Photoshop oil paint filter, the action produces a one-of-a-kind painting effect. Compatible with Photoshop CS6 and higher.


Linchrome Black & White Photoshop Action

No need to fret about achieving an authentic monochrome effect – this Photoshop action has you covered. Offering multiple variations of black and white effects, it ensures a swift transformation for your photos.


Dark Mood – Free Photoshop Action

Infuse a dark and gritty ambiance into your photos with the assistance of this complimentary Photoshop action. The action’s effect can be effortlessly tailored to complement and harmonize with the unique characteristics of your photo.


8 Cyberpunk Aesthetics Photoshop Actions and LUTs

Employ this Photoshop action to impart a futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic to your cityscape and landscape photos. The bundle encompasses 8 diverse styles of cyberpunk effects, each inspired by distinct themes. Notably, the effects are fully editable, providing flexibility in customization.


Dynamic Photography Effect Photoshop Action

This contemporary Photoshop action introduces a chic effect adorned with vibrant lines and objects, ideal for crafting eye-catching backgrounds and promoting products. The action is accompanied by brushes and patterns to facilitate the seamless creation of the effect.


Free Powder Explosion Photoshop Action

This complimentary Photoshop action enables you to generate a captivating powder explosion effect, frequently employed in posters and background designs. Feel free to download and use the action for free, with the only requirement being the addition of attribution.


Cyber Poster Photoshop Action

Tailored for poster design projects, this Photoshop action is an ideal choice. It facilitates the addition of a futuristic and vibrant appearance to your posters, employing an array of shapes, patterns, and brushes. The action also includes a video tutorial for ease of use.


Black And White Photoshop Action

An exceptional Photoshop action designed for crafting a black and white effect, reminiscent of the vintage and classic photography aesthetic. This action not only replicates the timeless look but also allows easy customization according to your preferences.


Cartoonize — Photoshop Action

Looking to infuse a cartoonish vibe into your photos? This Photoshop action is your solution, achieving the effect with just a few clicks. It produces an oil paint-inspired cartoon effect, elevating the creativity of your photos. Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and higher.


Snow Lettering – Photoshop Action

Presenting a distinctive Photoshop action that grants a lifelike snow lettering effect to your text. Additionally, it offers two other effects, giving your text the appearance of being drawn on an ice surface and enhanced with red salt.


Canvaso Photoshop Action

Transform your photos into captivating works of art with Canvaso, a premium Photoshop action designed to impart a beautiful painterly effect with just a few effortless clicks. Compatible with nearly all types of pictures, it offers a seamless artistic enhancement.


Escher Ribbon FX Photoshop Add-On Extension

Introducing a distinctive Photoshop visual effects action set to revolutionize your portrait photos. This effect crafts a stylish ribbon-like visual impact, imparting an intriguing aura to your photos. Ideal for crafting movie posters, banners, and distinctive branding designs.


50 AI Gradient Duotone Actions

Boasting over 50 diverse gradient duotone effects, this bundle of Photoshop actions provides an extensive array of choices for crafting modern and creative gradient effects, backgrounds, and more.


Speed – Photoshop Actions

Enhance your static images with a dynamic touch using this inventive Photoshop action. Tailored for injecting vitality into even the most mundane photos, the action incorporates a cool speeding effect in four distinct directions.


Rubber Effects Photoshop Action

Unleash creativity with this distinctive Photoshop action designed to bestow a stylish rubber-like appearance to your text, shapes, and graphics. This versatile action encompasses multiple options, presenting various stitch effects and rubber nuances.


Free Matte Photoshop Actions

Elevate your fashion and lifestyle photos to magazine-worthy aesthetics with this complimentary Photoshop action, seamlessly infusing a chic matte effect. Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and higher, it’s an ideal choice for achieving a stylish finish.


Free Duotone Photoshop Actions

Infuse a touch of creativity and uniqueness into your photos by effortlessly incorporating duotone effects. This complimentary Photoshop action simplifies the process of adding imaginative duotone effects to your photos.


Double Color Exposure PS Action

Craft an artistic and distinctive double color exposure effect using this inventive Photoshop action. Featuring seven diverse color combinations, this action seamlessly transforms graphics, text, and photos into captivating visual compositions.


Old Painting Photoshop Action

Transform your mundane photos into captivating oil paintings effortlessly with this Photoshop action, ideally suited for portrait photos. Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and higher, it provides a seamless way to infuse an artistic oil painting effect.


80’s Retro Poster Photoshop Action

Effortlessly infuse your graphic designs with a nostalgic 80s aesthetic using this imaginative Photoshop action. Boasting easy customization options, it also includes complementary brushes and textures to enhance the retro look.


Watercolor 2 Photoshop Action

Craft genuine watercolor masterpieces from your photos with this Photoshop action, transforming them into stunning watercolor paintings. Enjoy easy customization through adjustment layers, and ensure compatibility with Photoshop CS4 and newer versions.


Pixel Artist – Photoshop Action

Easily infuse an old-school, 8-bit pixelated charm into your graphics and images using this Photoshop action. With just a single click, apply one of the 25 distinctive pixel design effects, suitable for various image and graphic types. The intensity of the effect is also customizable, ensuring flexibility in your creative endeavors.


Double Exposure Photoshop Action

Effortlessly embrace the trendy double exposure effect in your poster designs, commonly seen in movies and games, using this straightforward Photoshop action. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly achieve a flawless double exposure effect. Compatible with Photoshop CS2 or newer, this action streamlines the process for an enhanced design experience.


Duotone Master Kit – Photoshop Actions

Unlock the realm of duotone mastery with this comprehensive Photoshop actions kit. Featuring a collection of 66 diverse duotone effects, this bundle empowers you to effortlessly apply this popular aesthetic to your portraits, landscapes, posters, and various designs with minimal effort, delivering stunning results in just a few clicks.


Cloud Photoshop Action

Elevate your designs with an urban hipster vibe using this Photoshop action that effortlessly incorporates the cloud effect. Compatible with Photoshop CS6, this action allows you to infuse your portraits and graphic designs with a trendy aesthetic in a single click.


Black & White Photoshop Actions

Perfecting the balance for black and white photography can be challenging, but with this collection of 31 B&W Photoshop actions, you can effortlessly achieve that ideal black and white effect in your images.


Portrait Series Photoshop Actions

Streamline your portrait retouching process with this collection of 10 Photoshop actions designed to enhance your portrait photos instantly.


Broken Photoshop Action

Enhance your design with a realistic broken glass effect, commonly seen in video game and movie promotions, using this Photoshop action. The action utilizes various particle sizes to create an authentic shattered glass appearance.

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