100+ Best Keynote Templates 2024

Elevate your presentations effortlessly with the best Keynote templates boasting professional designs and user-friendly features—no time wasted. Boost your creative presentations seamlessly. Unleash the power of seamless, professional design for impactful storytelling.

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with this thoughtfully curated collection of the Best Keynote Templates. While Apple’s Keynote app provides an array of tools for stunning presentations, finding time for a beautiful, custom design can be a challenge.

With these templates, crafting presentation slides is a breeze. Simply edit the professionally designed slides, customize charts, change colors, and voila! You’ll have your own beautiful, unique Keynote presentation.

We’ve handpicked a selection of the best professionally designed Keynote templates that will effortlessly elevate your next presentation!

2 Million+ Keynote Templates, Themes, Graphics + More!

Download thousands of Keynote templates, and many other design elements, with a monthly Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 presentation templates, fonts, photos, graphics, and more.


Tetict – Creative Agency Keynote Template

Crolo is a Keynote template for crafting unique brand proposals. Featuring a bright and colorful design, it allows creative content highlighting. With 20 slides, customize colors, fonts, and images effortlessly.


Pro Business Keynote Template

This Keynote presentation is your recipe for crafting an impressive and versatile business presentation. With its clean, modern design, it seamlessly caters to various business purposes. If you’re on the lookout for enduring, professional Keynote templates, this product is a sure-shot choice.


Furnimore – Bussines Plan Keynote Template

Craft compelling business plans effortlessly with this Keynote template’s sleek and modern design, tailored for both startups and established businesses. Choose from 20 unique slides, ensuring a polished and effective presentation every time.


Robusta – Modern Keynote Template

Robusta, the pinnacle of modern Keynote templates, seamlessly blends style and professionalism for business presentations. With 30 carefully crafted slides, it offers easy customization in just a few clicks, making it the top choice for contemporary presentations.


Crolo – Brand Proposal Keynote Template

Crolo, the Keynote template tailored for crafting distinctive brand proposals, showcases a vibrant and colorful design to creatively emphasize your content. With 20 diverse slides, effortlessly customize colors, fonts, and images to make your presentations uniquely impactful.


Soaring – Clean Keynote Template

Discover “Soaring,” an astonishing Keynote template with slides showcasing a variety of data visualization elements. It’s a fantastic option for anyone aiming to craft a corporate presentation that truly captivates the audience and leaves a lasting impression.


Gesture – Corporate Keynote Template

With over a hundred meticulously designed slides, Gesture stands out as a beautifully crafted template, securing its place among the finest modern and professional Keynote templates. Adding this gem to your shortlist would be a decision you won’t regret.


Travel Agency Keynote Presentation Template

This Keynote template is perfect for crafting appealing travel presentations, especially tailored for travel agencies pitching new packages and tour plans to clients. With 30 unique slides, it offers a comprehensive and engaging platform for showcasing travel-related content.


The Arch – Minimalist Keynote Template

The Arch is like a creative playground with its meticulously crafted Keynote template, featuring 50 clean and customizable slides. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment for your Keynote collection that you’ll surely appreciate!


Elrumi – Modern Keynote Template

Elrumi is a Keynote template you’ll treasure for its enduring appeal. With a versatile layout suitable for various presentations and a plethora of engaging features, it promises hours of exploration. Overall, if you seek a modern, professional Keynote template that’s effortlessly customizable, Elrumi is a definite winner!


Paris – Free Keynote & PowerPoint Template

Paris, a free Keynote template, is your ticket to creating elegant and stylish presentations for businesses and brands. With numerous unique slide layouts, it provides a stylish platform to showcase your business profile.


Creative Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Whether crafting a distinctive lookbook or a polished pitch deck, delve into this Keynote template. Boasting 30 clean and modern slides, easily tailored to match your branding, it stands out as one of the market’s premier Keynote presentation templates.


Bastri – Business Keynote Template

Bastri, a chic Keynote template, showcases a modern and alluring design. Through skillful use of colors and shapes, it effectively draws attention to key parts of the slides. Boasting 36 unique slides, it offers editable graphics, free fonts, and customizable colors for a personalized touch.


Ellio – Professional Keynote Template

Ellio, a collection of professional Keynote templates compatible with Powerpoint and Google Slides. Each template features 30 beautifully designed slides, easily customizable to meet all your professional business requirements.


Marketplan – Marketing Strategy Keynote Template

Presenting a modern and sleek Keynote template tailored for branding and marketing agencies. With 46 slides, free fonts, picture placeholders, and a host of impressive features, it’s your key to a successful upcoming presentation.


Gamal – Business Keynote Template

Perfect for promoting products, brands, new concepts, or startup ideas, this Keynote template features bold and colorful designs to enhance clarity. With 39 unique slides, it provides an ideal platform for showcasing your ideas effectively.


Kripto – Professional Keynote Template

The Kripto template exudes a dark and edgy vibe, featuring purpose-built slide layouts and subtle splashes of color. Opt for this theme to deliver a professional presentation that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


Freshness – Modern Keynote Template

Perfect for creative, food-based, or environmental businesses, this template is a refreshing choice. With clever layouts, an invigorating color theme, and high-definition widescreen slides, it includes vector icons and drag-and-drop functionality.


Detroit – Minimal & Modern Keynote Presentation

Detroit, a minimalist Keynote pitch deck template, showcases a clean and modern design, placing emphasis on your headings and text. Ideal for startup pitch decks and company projects, it offers a total of 35 slides.


Borjo – Multipurpose Keynote Template

This Keynote template features modern, simple slide layouts that are easily customizable to your preference. Ideal for promoting new brands and product lineups, the template includes numerous editable infographics, charts, shapes, and more.


UCorporate – Modern Business Keynote Template

This template provides professional, portfolio-style slides with options for light and dark backgrounds, ideal for company introductions, promotional tools, or briefing presentations. The color scheme can be easily adjusted to align with your corporate branding.


Modern – Multipurpose Presentation Keynote Template

With five premade color schemes and pixel-perfect illustrations, this theme presents a clean, sophisticated arrangement of slides. Easily editable for various professional uses, it’s an excellent choice for creative businesses, especially in fashion or interior design industries.


Dolor – Free Keynote Presentation Template

Download this free Keynote template featuring stylish slide layouts for crafting modern presentations for agencies and businesses. It’s also available in PowerPoint format.


Night Light Professional Keynote Template

The Night Light Keynote template offers a dark, dramatic, and ultra-modern aesthetic with a professional urban feel. Highly versatile, it suits various business presentations, be it a portfolio, lookbook, investor pitch, or corporate project. The template includes clean sans-serif typefaces and a futuristic color palette.


Xilphe – Modern Keynote Template

Xilphe offers an effortlessly stylish and unique design that captivates your audience from start to finish. If you aim for a standout presentation, Xilphe is an excellent choice that’s worth your investment.


Basture – Business Keynote Template

Basture, a vibrant and creative business presentation template for Keynote, features a stunning set of slides to enhance your ideas and key points effectively. With 39 unique slides, it ensures a visually impactful presentation.


Minal – Keynote Portfolio Presentation Template

Minal, a stunning Keynote template designed for portfolio presentations, is perfect for photographers, fashion designers, agencies, and more, enabling the creation of impressive portfolios. With 35 slides and a choice of 20 color themes, it provides versatility and visual appeal.


Marketing Plan Presentation Keynote Template

Craft an ideal marketing plan for your company’s success using this Keynote template. With over 30 unique slides featuring charts, graphs, and infographics, you can effectively visualize your stats and data. The template also includes a comprehensive icon pack with 4k icons.


Wankel – Modern Keynote Template

Wankel, a modern Keynote template, boasts a highly visual design, bringing each slide to life with large images. Bright and prominent titles create contrast for a captivating effect. The template includes 30 slides for a comprehensive presentation experience.


Arknar – Clean & Professional Keynote Template

Among the most versatile modern Keynote templates, this option offers 30 high-definition slides, drag-and-drop image placeholders, elegant transitions, and diverse layouts ready for your business customization. Ideal for pitches and product showcases.


Wynter – Business Presentation Keynote Template

Tailored for company introductions or strategy briefings, the Wynter theme showcases eye-catching graphics in a compelling grid format across 38 widescreen slides. Its elegant,


Falcon – Company Profile Keynote Template

This template is a beautifully designed, minimalistic theme perfect for creative agencies and portfolios. With a total of 150 widescreen slides, including 30 unique layouts and five color schemes, it’s incredibly easy to edit and customize, providing the tools to truly impress your audience.


Acoot – Modern Corporate Keynote Template

A simpler yet professional Keynote template, this choice offers a clean, minimalistic arrangement with subtle design elements and hints of color for a cohesive, on-brand feel. It features a variety of pre-designed slides, making it ideal for a product pitch or showcase.


Pitch – Professional Keynote Template

Spot on – this template is your secret weapon for acing any pitch. Unleashing 120 distinctive slides, a diverse set of infographics, 400 editable vector icons, and five premade color schemes, it’s a playground for customization. Effortlessly sleek, elegantly crafted, and exuding business prowess, it’s a guaranteed triumph.


Rover – Free Keynote Presentation Template

Embark on a journey of creativity with this free Keynote template, tailored for showcasing your adventurous travel and outdoor-themed business ideals. An ideal canvas for photographers to craft captivating portfolios. Download now and let your imagination roam free!


Creative Digital Marketing Keynote Template

Unleash your creative genius by downloading this Keynote template, specially crafted for shaping presentations tailored to digital marketing or design agencies. Boasting 25 unique slides, it envelops your content in a stunning gray and teal color theme. Grab it now to infuse your presentations with a touch of innovation!


Gard – Modern & Minimal Keynote Template

Dive into Gard—a mesmerizing theme with 30 HD slides, boasting a chic monochromatic aesthetic. Its minimalistic design, creative flair, and elegant transitions make it perfect for photography or tourism portfolios. With simplicity at its core, editing is a breeze, allowing your creativity to shine effortlessly.


Soffie — Stylist Keynote Template

Soffie redefines business presentations—modern, tailored, and creatively yours. Customize with chic palettes, bold layouts, and sleek fonts. Unleash versatility with editable vectors, infographics, and adaptable colors. Your creative canvas beckons!


Fashionista – Lifestyle Presentation Keynote Template

Elevate your fashion brand presentation with this Keynote template—30 unique slides, diverse layouts. Perfect for showcasing lifestyle, fashion, and beauty products with style!


Sofiera – Aesthetic Keynote Template

Sofiera is a modern Keynote template exuding an aesthetic charm with muted colors. Craft beautiful fashion slideshows effortlessly across its 30 unique slides. Let your presentation reflect elegance and style!


Timelines – Animated Keynote Slides

Master business presentations with our Keynote template! Explore 18 dynamic timeline slides, fully animated for impact. Customize effortlessly to infuse your data and add your unique touch. Elevate your storytelling game now!


Nikitu — Professional Keynote Template

Nikitu stands out as a favorite among startups! This Keynote template offers simplicity with customizable colors, handcrafted infographics, and editable layouts. Perfect for captivating your audience with impactful content!


Aqilla — Free Keynote Presentation Template

Aqilla introduces your brand gracefully with its free Keynote charm. Distraction-free elegance through clean, minimal designs ensures your business takes the spotlight. Present with a touch of style and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression!


DigiTone – Digital Marketing Keynote Template

With its polished and straightforward design, this Keynote template exudes professionalism, making it an ideal pick for diverse digital marketing agencies. Unveil your ideas with finesse across its 30 unique slides, each boasting fully customizable layouts.


Propitch – Business Proposal Keynote Template

Crafting a pitch deck for your business or project proposal? This Keynote template is your go-to solution. Unleash your creativity across 35 unique slide designs, ensuring a compelling and effective presentation for your venture.


NFT Digital Marketplace Keynote Template

Unleash your tech talk with this Keynote template, tailor-made for NFTs and beyond. With a sleek, modern design and customizable colors, dive into a selection of 30+ unique slides to craft your dynamic presentation.


Menafa — Corporate Keynote Template

Effortlessly professional, Menafa is your go-to Keynote template for a polished and swiftly customizable presentation. As a top pick on our list, it caters to a diverse range of businesses.


Kindergarten — Preschool Keynote Slide Presentation

Establish trust and showcase your school, kindergarten, or education center with this sleek Keynote template. Boasting 30+ unique slides, it provides a customizable design, editable layout, free fonts, and a myriad of color options.


Neon — Modern Keynote Template

Inject a dose of edginess, drama, and personality into your presentations with Neon. This dynamic Keynote package offers 5 modern templates, each containing 30 unique slides. Revel in the variety with 5 color schemes, resizable and editable vector icons, and more.


Mareta – Business Modern Keynote Template

Maintain a strictly professional design to keep the spotlight on your presentation content with Mareta. Boasting 36 clean, professional slides, drag-and-drop picture placeholders, free fonts, and more, Mareta is an excellent choice for a polished and focused presentation.


Brooklyn – Free Keynote Presentation Template

Unlock your creativity with Brooklyn, a free Keynote template perfect for crafting concise and stylish presentations. Embrace its modern design, putting visual elements at the forefront. Ideal for personal projects, this template is a gateway to simple yet impactful storytelling.


Buladiq – Marketing Plan Presentation Template

Inject vibrancy into your business presentations with this dynamic Keynote template. Boasting a bright and creative slide design, it’s sure to captivate attention. Craft eye-catching marketing plans and portfolios effortlessly. Unleash your creativity and make your slideshows stand out!


Markvia – Marketing Agency Keynote Template

Markvia Keynote template is tailor-made for marketing agencies and teams, prioritizing a sleek and uncomplicated content layout that accentuates your message. Boasting 30 unique slides, it’s your canvas for impactful presentations.


Rimberio – Business Profile Keynote Template

Infuse style into your business profile presentations with a harmonious blend of teal and cream in this Keynote template. Unveil your story across 21 distinctive slides, showcasing elegance in every detail.


NEON – Free Cool Keynote Template

Explore creativity with this free Keynote template, radiating a vibrant neon color theme across 17 unique slides. Unleash your imagination as you effortlessly edit and customize each slide to reflect your unique style.


Mabrata – Urban Keynote Presentation Template

Ignite the spectrum of emotions with this vibrant Keynote template. Captivate attention effortlessly and maintain audience engagement with its colorful design. Unveil your narrative through 30 unique slides adorned with maps, editable graphics, and customizable colors.


Businex — Corporate Business Keynote Template

Elevate your presentations with Businex, a sleek and professional Keynote template perfect for diverse businesses. With 20 fully customizable slides, a user-friendly drag-and-drop picture placeholder, free fonts, and more, it’s tailored to meet your unique requirements. Stand out effortlessly!


Conomate – Corporate Keynote Presentation Template

Leverage sophistication for your corporate presentation with this Keynote template. Packed with valuable elements like media placeholders, resizable shapes, vector graphics, and more, it offers versatility. Choose from 30 editable slide layouts to create a truly professional and impactful slideshow.


Brand Keynote Presentation Template

Unleash elegance in your brand presentation with this minimal Keynote template. Perfect for design, apparel, and photography brands, it offers 35 unique slides with fully customizable designs. Craft a beautiful showcase that speaks volumes about your brand’s identity.


SLIDES – Creative Keynote Presentation Template

Elevate your presentations with this Keynote template tailored for creative agencies and brands. Embrace its trendy and casual design, appealing to diverse audiences. With 30+ unique slides, device mockups, customizable fonts, and shapes, your slideshows will capture attention seamlessly.


Bleufonce – Keynote Corporate Template

For a presentation that’s both minimal and creatively distinct, Bleufonce is your ideal choice. In the realm of the best Keynote corporate templates, Bleufonce proudly claims the top spot.


PLANETS – Free Keynote Presentation Template

Elevate your presentations with this free Keynote template, delivering a set of professional slides. Its minimal design ensures your content takes center stage. Ideal for crafting quick and impactful presentations without any cost.


Obiza – Corporate Keynote Template

Obiza is a stellar option for those aiming to make a lasting impact in presentations. With its thoroughly professional design, it suits a broad spectrum of businesses across industries, ensuring a memorable delivery.


Gastar – Agency Presentation Keynote Template

Crafted with a blend of dark and light hues, this Keynote template boasts a modern and captivating design. Offering 30 unique slide layouts with customizable designs and master slides, it provides a versatile canvas for your presentation creativity.


Gioia – Aesthetic Keynote Template

With its elegant and stylish design, this Keynote template is perfect for crafting presentations with a casual and lifestyle theme. Boasting 30 unique slides, including dedicated ones for product showcases, teams, and portfolios, it offers a dynamic canvas for your creative storytelling.


Maxi — Minimal Presentation Keynote Template

Maxi is a contemporary and minimalist Keynote presentation template, ready to be tailored to your unique needs. If you’re keen on making a distinct impression, Maxi is your go-to choice. Embrace this exceptionally remarkable template for a presentation that stands out from the crowd.


Karia – Business Keynote Presentation Template

In your quest for the ultimate Keynote business template, don’t miss Karia—an outstanding option in the market. With 30 clean and creative slides, customizable vector icons and shapes, free fonts, and more, Karia is a must-check! Explore its potential now!


Project Proposal – Business Keynote Template

Forge an impactful business proposal presentation using this template boasting over 32 diverse slide layouts. With editable shapes, colors, fonts, and more, it’s your canvas for persuasive storytelling and client-winning slides!


Project Management Presentation Keynote Template

Elevate your project management presentations with this must-have Keynote template. Unlock 30 unique slides featuring editable charts, graphs, vector shapes, and image placeholders for a dynamic and impactful showcase!


Creative Business Plan Keynote Template

Craft your business plan effortlessly with this standout Keynote template. Boasting 70 unique slides, pixel-perfect illustrations, drag-and-drop picture placeholders, free fonts, and more, it’s your go-to solution for a polished and impactful presentation!


Malts – Business Keynote Template

Embrace versatility with the Malts Keynote template! Featuring a clean and modern aesthetic, it offers a canvas for diverse business presentation styles. With custom slides, light and dark themes, and more, it’s your go-to for a fantastically versatile and impactful presentation.


Free Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Craft a stunning pitch deck effortlessly with this free Keynote template. Editable and available in Keynote, Google Slides, and Figma formats, it’s your versatile tool to showcase brilliant ideas.


Vendo – Social Media Keynote Template

Elevate your social media presentations with Vendo, a modern Keynote template crafted for digital marketing agencies and freelancers. Unleash creativity across 30 unique slides, perfect for showcasing dynamic social media campaigns.


Moneta – Finance Keynote Template

Craft compelling finance and investment presentations effortlessly with Moneta, a stylish Keynote template. Edit layouts, tweak image placeholders, customize shapes, fonts, and colors to tailor your message.


Final Project — Company Business Keynote

Construct a polished and comprehensive Keynote presentation effortlessly with Final Project. This clean business template boasts forty-two custom slides, multiple themes, diverse icons, and master slides for a professional touch!


Neuromorphic Presentation Keynote Template

Embark on a captivating presentation journey with this Keynote template, inspired by the avant-garde Neuromorphic design concept. Elevate your slides with distinctive embossed shapes, providing an unconventional yet intriguing visual experience. Unleash creativity across 32 unique slides!


Sepi – Business Keynote Presentation Template

Forge a compelling narrative using the Sepi Business Keynote template. Achieving a harmonious blend of infographics and strategic elements, these slides offer a versatile canvas for diverse business presentation needs. Tailor your message with precision and impact!


Free Modern Keynote Template

Unlock your creativity with this free Keynote template, perfect for crafting dynamic business and professional presentations. Elevate your content using the abundance of editable graphics and charts included. Dive into a world of visual storytelling and captivate your audience!


Arkadia – Business Keynote Presentation Template

Empower your presentations with the Arkadia Keynote template—a versatile foundation catering to various professional needs. Boasting a clean and modern aesthetic, it offers thirty custom slides that meticulously address your fundamental presentation requirements. Illuminate your ideas with Arkadia’s sophisticated design!


Playteech – Creative & Colorful Keynote Template

Ignite your presentations with creativity using this vibrant Keynote template. Tailored for business, agency, and professional use, it offers a selection of 50 distinct slides for crafting a truly unique and dynamic slideshow. Elevate your content with editable graphics and image placeholders, making your presentation visually compelling and engaging.


Mandela – Bold Keynote Presentation Template

Infuse your presentations with boldness and creativity using this Keynote template. Tailored for creative professionals, agencies, and modern brands, it showcases 30 unique slides with distinctive designs. Customize the template to your preferences, ensuring your presentation aligns seamlessly with your unique style and message.


GMTRY – Free Creative Keynote Template

Elevate your creative business presentations with this free Keynote template, offering 10 vibrant slides. Infused with stylish geometric shapes, device mockups, and a world map, each slide is a visual delight. Craft dynamic and engaging presentations that captivate your audience’s attention.


Indokea – Modern Keynote Presentation Template

Dive into modern elegance with Indokea, a Keynote template boasting over 30 stylish slides. Originally crafted for interior design presentations, its versatility allows customization for various topics. Let your creativity shine through in every slide.


Namakoro – Business Keynote Presentation Template

For a sleek and minimalistic touch, explore this Keynote template. Boasting 23 diverse slide layouts, it’s perfect for crafting a range of business presentations. Embrace simplicity and let your content take center stage.


Free Business Profile Keynote Template

Explore this complimentary Keynote template for crafting dynamic company profiles and business presentations. With a plethora of slide styles, editable graphics, image placeholders, and captivating transition animations, it offers versatility and impact for your content.


Trendy – Keynote Presentation Template

Tailor-made for lifestyle brands, this Keynote template offers 25 slides adorned with contemporary and visual designs. Abundant space is dedicated to spotlighting images and graphics, making it an ideal choice for dynamic presentations.


Vado – Brandbook Keynote Template

Elevate your brand guidelines presentation with Vado, a professional Keynote template. It empowers you to create captivating showcases of your brand identity with dark and light themes, plus three distinctive color schemes. Ideal for crafting high-quality, creative brand guides.


ROVATE – Portfolio Keynote Template

Make your portfolio shine with Rovate, a presentation template boasting a unique technology-themed design. With 20 distinctive slides, its futuristic aesthetics ensure your presentations stand out, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


Ourea – Free Minimal Keynote Template

Elevate your agency presentations with this free Keynote template. Featuring a minimalist slide design, it offers over 40 unique slides to infuse style into your business pitches. Craft presentations that captivate your audience effortlessly.


Conference – Simple Keynote Template

Tailor your conference presentations effortlessly with this specialized template. Boasting 150 slides and 5 dynamic color schemes, it provides a versatile canvas. Image placeholders streamline the editing process for seamless customization.


Education – Creative Keynote Template

Ignite creativity in educational presentations with this vibrant Keynote template. Offering 30 diverse slide layouts, it empowers you to craft the perfect slideshow for schools or colleges, making your content truly engaging.


Narza – Creative Keynote Template

Embark on creativity with Narza, a Keynote template showcasing 30 distinct slide designs. Tailored for creative agencies and freelancers, it boasts unique content design and captivating color usage. Fully customizable with master slides, it’s your canvas for imaginative presentations!


The Agency – Modern Keynote Template

Crafted for diverse agencies, this template boasts a clean design, ensuring effective content presentation. With a generous 150 slides and a choice of 5 color schemes, it empowers you to tailor your presentation with versatility. Engage your audience seamlessly!


Balance – Business Keynote Template

Tailored for small to medium businesses, Balance is a modern Keynote template featuring 30 clean and stylish slides. Showcase your business profile and projects with ease, thanks to editable colors and shapes. Strike the perfect balance in your presentations!


Armio – Modern Business Keynote Template

Elevate your business presentations with this minimal and creative Keynote template. Boasting a clean design, it offers image placeholders, gallery and portfolio slides, 5 distinct color schemes, and 30 custom slide layouts for a sleek and professional showcase.


Intsec – Internet Security Keynote Template

Ideal for modern security and internet security startups, this template is a valuable asset. Customize numerous slides to craft a compelling presentation on internet security. Choose from 3 pre-made color versions to enhance your visual impact.


Free Multipurpose Keynote Template

Craft versatile presentations effortlessly with this free Keynote template. Customize its easily adaptable slides for various purposes. Benefit from its 20 unique designs and master slides, making your presentations dynamic and engaging.


Classy – Multipurpose Keynote Template

Classy, a versatile Keynote template boasting 30 distinctive slide designs. With a palette of 5 color schemes, it offers a total of 150 slides, complemented by free fonts and editable vector graphics. Craft impactful presentations effortlessly!


Bishack – Modern Keynote Template

Bishack, a professional Keynote template offering clean and minimal slides. Perfect for creative agencies and startups, it provides 30 unique slide layouts in 5 distinct color schemes. Unleash your creativity effortlessly!


Horizone – Minimal Keynote Template

Unleash your creativity with this ultra-minimalist Keynote template, tailored for brand, fashion, and photography presentations. Explore 50 unique slides, each equipped with image placeholders, editable graphics, master slides, and more. Let your ideas shine!


REALHOM – Real Estate Keynote Template

Elevate your real estate presentations with this Keynote template. Boasting 30 editable slide layouts, it provides a canvas for crafting an engaging and visually appealing slideshow tailored for the real estate business.


LIBERO – Colorful & Creative Keynote Template

Libero, a captivating Keynote template designed for contemporary portfolio and business showcases. With 30 unique slides, it offers infographics, vector graphics, icons, image placeholders, and more for a dynamic presentation.

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