100+ Best Google Slides Themes & Templates 2024

This post highlights some of the best Google Slides templates available, eliminating the need to design everything from the ground up when creating a professional presentation.

The diverse collection encompasses various Google Slides themes tailored for marketing endeavors, startup pitch decks, product presentations, and more.

Within this compilation, you’ll find a mix of both free and premium Google Slides templates. Feel free to explore and select the one that aligns seamlessly with your project and presentation goals!

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What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is a presentation creation tool developed by Google, offering a free and online platform without the need for software installation. It serves as a cloud-based alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Similar to PowerPoint, Google Slides provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for crafting visually appealing slideshows and presentations. Its user-friendly interface allows easy access from both laptops and phones, provided you have a Google account.

A noteworthy feature of Google Slides is its support for templates. By utilizing pre-designed templates, users can effortlessly incorporate professionally crafted slide designs into their presentations. To use a template, simply create a new Google Slides file, go to the File menu, and select Import Slides, enabling you to upload and import template designs seamlessly.


Be. Google Slides Template

Be is a professionally designed Google Slides Template in Full HD (1920 x 1080px) resolution, offering over 125 unique slides with intuitive drag-and-drop editing. Seamlessly upload this template to Google Slides and edit it online with ease.


TIKA — Google Slides Theme

TIKA is a vibrant and creative slides template ideal for various businesses. The modern, clean, and professional color scheme adds a refreshing touch to any business meeting. What makes this template exceptional is its inclusion of a total of 150 slides and thousands of icons.


Lovren – Business Google Slides Template

Lovren is a fresh Google Slides template featuring stylish and modern aesthetics. It’s an ideal option for creating dynamic and professional presentations to highlight your business and services. The template comprises 39 unique slide layouts, complete with editable graphics, free fonts, and vector icon packs.


Sora – Multipurpose Presentation Google Slides

Sora is a contemporary Google Slides template with a beautiful design and an aesthetic feel. It offers a versatile slide design with 20 different layouts to showcase your presentation. The template is also available in PowerPoint format.


CONCERN — Google Slide Template

This Google Slides template, with a blue and black theme, is ideal for professional businesses like real estate and law firms. It offers 30 light-themed and 30 dark-themed editable pages, along with customizable graphics.


EARTHY – Company Profile Google Slides Template

This business-themed Google Slides template is perfect for creating a distinctive company profile presentation for modern brands. With a customizable slide design featuring creative shapes and image placeholders, the template includes 30 slides.


Minali – Business Google Slides Template

Opt for a vibrant slide design to fashion a presentation for your creative brand or agency with this Google Slides template. Offering over 30 diverse slides, it allows easy customization of colors, fonts, and images to suit your preferences.


Autumn Google Slides Template

For a lively and fun presentation, choose the Autumn slides template. With warm autumnal colors, it’s ideal for showcasing products, photos, and art. The template offers 15 unique custom slides, easily editable in Google Slides.


Business Model Presentation Google Slides Template

Designed for technical business presentations, this Google Slides template is perfect for showcasing business models, project scopes, and competition analyses. The template comprises 35 easily editable slide layouts.


Cleaf – Brand Guideline Google Slides Template

Create an elegant brand guidelines presentation for your business with this Google Slides template. With a minimal and clean design that employs typography and shapes for a bold look on each slide, the template includes 20 unique slides.


Cevera – Colorful Google Slide Template

Cevera is a vibrant and creative Google Slides theme designed for lively, fun, and appealing presentations. Ideal for highlighting lifestyle brands, fashion products, and small businesses, the template features 30 unique slides with customizable graphics and colors.


Strain – Business Google Slides Template

Strain is a contemporary Google Slides template crafted for business presentations. Incorporating inventive modular layouts, it enables you to showcase ample images alongside prominent titles. Ideal for fashion and lifestyle business presentations, the template encompasses 39 distinctive slides.


BusiDeck — Google Slides Template

Busideck is a vibrant Google Slides template ideal for tech businesses aiming to impress clients and investors. With a modern feel, it includes numerous graphics for comprehensive business presentations and recommended free web fonts for seamless design integration.


Project Proposal – Google Slides Template

This Google Slides template exudes professionalism and is tailored for project proposal presentations. Featuring numerous business-themed slides, including ones for SWOT analysis, the template encompasses 40 distinct slide designs.


Mantis – Colorful Google Slides Template

A dynamic Google Slides template bursts with imaginative shapes and numerous image placeholders, making it an ideal choice for creative agencies seeking to entice new clients. Explore the diversity of 39 distinct slides within this template.


Tokio — Google Slides Presentation Theme

Tokio is your ticket to a vibrant and impactful presentation. With bold pastel colors like yellow, blue, green, orange, and pink, it makes a striking statement. Packed with icons, graphics, and maps, it’s perfect for creating engaging content for your meetings.


Stradic – Brand & Business Google Slides Theme

For those seeking a sleek presentation template, this Google Slides theme is an ideal choice. Boasting modern slide layouts and a classic urban-style design, it’s tailor-made for high-end fashion products and luxury brands.


Brawle – Modern Business Google Slide Template

Brawle offers a contemporary take on business presentations in Google Slides. Featuring a clean and minimalist design, this template empowers you to create polished slideshows suitable for both small businesses and corporate brands. With over 30 unique slides, it provides ample options for a professional presentation.


ORDINARY — Google Slide Template

Ordinary is a modern and professionally designed presentation template with a feminine touch. It incorporates curvy cylindrical elements for visual interest. This HD template is customizable to fit your business needs, making it perfect for trendy and modern businesses targeting a youthful audience.


Agency Company Profile Free Google Slides Template

This free Google Slides template offers 27 unique slides filled with vibrant shapes, backgrounds, and editable vector graphics. Download and use it freely, perfect for crafting engaging company profile presentations for agencies.


Trance — Multipurpose Google Slide Template

This vibrant, yellow-themed presentation template named Trance is designed to captivate the audience’s attention. It’s an ideal choice for creating energetic presentations that will energize your colleagues. The package includes 30 slides and an abundance of vector-based icons, making it perfect for presenting data and statistics.


Brawle – Modern Business Google Slide Template

Brawle offers a sleek, minimalistic design for modern business presentations on Google Slides. Craft polished slideshows effortlessly, suitable for both small businesses and corporate brands. Explore the template’s 30+ unique slides for a professional touch.


Propitch – Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

This Google Slides template is perfect for crafting eye-catching pitch decks for your startups and marketing presentations. Featuring vibrant color and dark-themed layouts with appealing designs, the template offers 27 unique slide designs to enhance your content.


Syarla — Cool Google Slides Theme

Syrala is a sleek and sophisticated Google Slides template designed to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Its versatility makes it suitable for various purposes, including business presentations, staff meetings, and proposals. With over 35 unique slides and a plethora of editable graphics, this template provides ample customization options.


Aqua Marketing Plan Free Google Slides Template

Enhance your presentations with this free Google Slides template featuring a creative watercolor-themed design across all slides. The unique touch of watercolors adds an extra layer of creativity. The template offers 32 diverse slides, each available in 5 different color schemes for added versatility.


Ukque – Vintage Brand Google Slides Template

Explore Ukque, a vibrant Google Slides theme featuring a blend of vintage design and modern elements to make each slide distinctive. With a total of 45 slides available in both light and dark color themes, this template offers a creative and colorful approach to your presentations.


Futuristic Presentation Free Google Slides Template

Delve into this futuristic Google Slides template, available for free download. Tailored for technology-themed presentations and startups, it boasts a sleek slide design with five color schemes and a total of 31 slides. Download now and infuse a modern touch into your presentations.


Boumz – Minimal Google Slides Template

Embark on a journey of simplicity with this minimalist Google Slides theme. Elevate your presentations with clean designs and ample space to showcase your content. Unleash creativity across more than 50 unique slide layouts. Download now for a sleek and sophisticated touch to your slides.


Soffee — Coffee Shop Googleslide Template

Elevate your coffee shop’s charm with Soffee, a presentation template tailored for securing funding or attracting valuable clients. However, its versatility extends beyond coffee, making it ideal for various creative ventures. Enjoy 40 stunning slides, fully adaptable to suit your preferences and captivate your audience.


Bodybuild – Gym & Fitness Google Slides Template

Designed with fitness brands in mind, this Google Slides template seamlessly adapts for diverse presentation needs. Featuring 30 unique slides, the template allows easy customization of colors, fonts, and images for a personalized touch.


Emmonne — Google Slides Template

Designed with fitness brands in mind, this Google Slides template seamlessly adapts for diverse presentation needs. Featuring 30 unique slides, the template allows easy customization of colors, fonts, and images for a personalized touch.


Graceful Vines – Free Google Slides Theme for Marketing

This free Google Slides template is available for download, enabling you to craft sophisticated and professional presentations across various marketing topics. With 35 unique slides, the template offers editable charts, maps, and graphs to enhance your content.


Intrinsic — Google Slides Presentation Template

Intrinsic presents a collection of tidy, color-coordinated slides, perfect for business presentations. Offering a variety of editable design elements, this template is fully customizable. With a focus on data, it includes pre-made charts, diagrams, and tables, providing a ready-to-use option for incorporating your figures.


Marble – Creative Google Slides Template

Marble, with its sophisticated Google Slides template, showcases a contemporary slide design adorned with a vibrant array of colors and shapes. Equipped with various slide layouts, including master slides, it facilitates the effortless creation of distinctive and personalized presentations.


Kamsupay — Google Slides Template

Kamsupay – Abstract Google Slides Template is a dynamic and colorful choice with 20 animated slides, accommodating both dark and light backgrounds, widescreen and standard aspects, and three color variations.


Struggle – Business Google Slides Template

Create sleek business and corporate presentations effortlessly with this professional Google Slides template. Featuring 30 distinctive slide designs, it also provides customization options with a selection of 5 different color schemes to tailor your slides.


Macari Company Profile Free Google Slides Template

Easily craft professional presentations with this free Google Slides template. Offering a choice of 39 diverse slide layouts, it’s perfect for creating impactful business and corporate profile presentations.


LUNAR – Dark Google Slides Template

Lunar is a sleek Google Slides template designed for chic and minimal presentations with a dark color theme. Featuring 40 distinctive slide layouts with effortlessly editable designs, it also comes in a light color theme for added versatility.


Carolina – Agency Google Slides Template

Carolina is an imaginative Google Slides template boasting a grand total of 150 slides. Tailored for crafting presentations tailored to agencies and creative professionals, it serves as an ideal showcase for portfolios. The template further incorporates editable graphics and convenient image placeholders.


Luxury Spa Google Slides Template

True to its name, this theme is perfect for health and beauty professionals seeking a personal portfolio, client information leaflet, or promotional tool. The delightful feminine color scheme and graceful typography blend seamlessly with bold lines and angles.


Memphis Marketing Plan – Free Google Slides Theme

This free Google Slides theme showcases contemporary slide designs, offering 23 unique layouts with editable vector graphics, shapes, and icons. Additionally, the template is accessible in PowerPoint format.


Antaresta — Google Slides Presentation Template

For a presentation template that effortlessly combines style and functionality, Antaresta is the ideal choice. Boasting a distinctive and professional layout, it suits a myriad of business purposes seamlessly.


Bebek – Business Google Slides Presentation Template

Create impactful corporate presentations effortlessly with this highly professional Google Slides template. Its clean design ensures your content takes center stage, allowing for easy highlighting. Benefit from 39 distinct slides with fully editable layouts for a polished presentation.


Purlack — Modern Google Slides Theme

Purlack is a striking Google Slides theme, designed to captivate attention in both creative and business presentations. With its clean and scalable graphic elements, the theme includes vector icons and free fonts for seamless customization.


Brodi — Business Google Slides Presentation Template

This Google Slides template prioritizes image-centric content. Each slide is crafted to spotlight large visuals alongside written content, making it perfect for fashion, lifestyle, and design-oriented presentations. With 39 unique slide layouts, this template ensures versatile and engaging visual storytelling.


Florist — Google Slides Presentation Theme

Once more, in line with its name, this delightful theme is tailored for floristry experts. Nevertheless, it seamlessly transforms to complement various e-commerce ventures. Boasting clean, uncomplicated layouts and a cheerful color palette, it encompasses 30 slides in retina and full high definition, catering to both standard and widescreen formats.


STREET – Urban Style Google Slides Template

The contemporary urban vibe of this Google Slides template is accentuated by its dark color theme and minimal design. Ideal for lifestyle and urban business presentations, you have the option to select from 30 unique slide designs to craft an appealing presentation for your brand.


Teacher Newsletter Free Google Slides Template

Tailored with educators in mind, this free Google Slides template is ideal for crafting presentations to announce important information to your students or to provide insights into a new syllabus. The template comprises 26 slides for your convenience.


MARTHER – Modern Google Slides Template

An innovative Google Slides theme boasting a creative content arrangement. It includes 20 distinct slides with features such as image placeholders, customizable shapes, adjustable colors, and more.


Hegar — Hotel Google Slides Template

This modern theme, created as a tool for hotel marketing, showcases vibrant color blocks against concise text captions and creatively placed graphics. Balancing artistry with functionality, it’s easily customizable for both personal and professional use.


Free Market Research Presentation Template

Utilize this complimentary Google Slides template to create presentations spotlighting your market research projects. The template encompasses 27 distinct slides with effortlessly editable layouts, and it’s also accessible in PowerPoint format.


Infographic Timeline Google Slides Template

Explore these Google Slides templates tailored for showcasing your data succinctly, without unnecessary embellishments. With a crisp, straightforward design, complete with preset animations and transitions, this theme is ideal for presenting marketing, reporting, and statistical data.


Excors – Business Presentation Google Slides Template

Excors is a highly professional Google Slides template, featuring a sleek and contemporary design. Tailored for corporate agencies, brands, and startups, it offers 30 distinctive slides with customizable vector graphics, icons, and shapes.


Reiko – Google Slides

Reiko offers a gorgeous, minimalist package of 40 slides, meticulously crafted as a contemporary, professional, and exceedingly adaptable choice for diverse presentations. It holds particular appeal for professionals in architecture and interior design.


BOUNTY – Minimalist Google Slides Template

A stunningly minimalistic template for crafting presentations on contemporary lifestyles, fashion, and clothing brands. It provides 30 distinct slide layouts that you can effortlessly customize to suit your preferences.


SIMINE – Simple Aesthetic Google Slides Theme

Simine is featured as a standout Google Slides theme in our selection. Boasting 30 polished and professional slides, it provides complimentary fonts, fashionable color schemes, and an array of outstanding features, enabling you to effortlessly craft an impressive presentation.


Organizer – Marketing Presentation Google Slides Template

If you’re developing a presentation for a marketing agency or brand, this Google Slides template proves invaluable. With 25 slides showcasing professional layouts, it facilitates the creation of marketing and business-themed slideshows.


Presley – Restaurant Presentation Google Slides Theme

Designed for a restaurant menu or lookbook, this set of slides is customizable to meet various professional or personal requirements. It offers 22 unique, high-definition layouts with image placeholders and fully editable graphics.


Torento – Unique Google Slides Template

From the color schemes to the content layouts, this Google Slides template boasts uniqueness. Perfect for crafting attractive presentations to showcase your original ideas, the template comprises 36 different slides.


Minimal Google Slides Presentation Template

Minimal Presentation Google Slides Template offers a straightforward, imaginative, and minimalistic corporate slideshow for companies and agencies. Ideal for those seeking a minimal presentation for investors, customers, or any audience with a creative and organic concept.


Free Marketing Agency Google Slides Template

This template is perfect for creating chic marketing presentations for your brand or agency. It comprises 27 unique slides filled with free icons, graphics, and image placeholders.


Cosmetics — Google Slide Presentation Template

A versatile and imaginative template crafted as a product lookbook, this design features striking graphic elements, neutral colors, and clean, simple typefaces, providing complete flexibility for customization in business or personal presentations.


Glammie – Google Slides Presentation Template

Create a chic lifestyle or fashion presentation with this Google Slides template. It offers 150 slides in 5 distinct color schemes, along with editable vector graphics, illustrations, icons, and more.


Photography Google Slides Presentation Template

This template showcases modern, minimalist design elements and a well-structured organization, rendering it an unquestionably professional choice for galleries, product briefs, photography, or design portfolios.


Retshion – Google Slides Presentation Template

If you appreciate minimalism, this Google Slides template is ideal for creating fashion lookbooks and portfolio presentations with a minimalist approach. The template comprises 30 unique slides and is offered in 5 distinct color schemes.


Point Plan Google Slides Presentation Theme

Another instance of a business-oriented, minimalistic Google Slides template, this design encompasses 30 slides featuring consistent graphic elements and a sleek, professional color palette. All design elements are entirely editable, accompanied by comprehensive supporting documentation.


Blend – Business Google Slides Presentation Template

Blend is an exceptionally imaginative Google Slides template crafted for the creation of presentations tailored to digital and marketing agencies. The template comprises 24 exquisite slides and is also compatible with PowerPoint.


Minimalist Business Slides Free Google Slides Template

This free Google Slides template is available for download, allowing you to create sleek and minimalistic presentations for various business projects. The template offers 35 distinct slide layouts with a choice of 5 different color themes.


BARINCE – Modern Google Slides Template

This versatile Google Slides template is perfect for creating a variety of business and professional presentations. With a total of 150 slides, it offers 30 unique slides in each of its 5 different color schemes.


Niklea – Clean Google Slides Template

Niklea is a modern Google Slides template crafted for producing sleek and minimal presentations. With 30 unique slides, you have the flexibility to create various professional slideshows. The template also incorporates editable graphics and image placeholders.


Tech Startup Presentation Free Google Slides Template

This free Google Slides template is tailored for startups and technology firms. It encompasses 25 distinctive slides with editable maps, graphics, and an extensive icon pack comprising over 1000 icons.


Belan – Minimal Google Slides Template

Belan is a sleek and minimalist Google Slides template with a creative slide layout. Abundant image placeholders facilitate the creation of visually appealing slideshows for diverse presentations. The template encompasses 30 distinctive slide designs.


Creative Google Slides Template

Staying true to its title, this template exudes creativity, fun, and authenticity, suitable for diverse applications, including creative agencies, product pitches, and online galleries. Boasting 90 high-definition slides, it incorporates prebuilt infographics, mockup devices, icons, and object placeholders.


Annual Report – Free Google Slides Theme

This no-cost Google Slides template is perfect for creating a variety of business report presentations. It comprises 20 distinct slide designs replete with image placeholders, master slide layouts, and more.


Passion — Google Slides Presentation Theme

Mysterious, bold, and poised to engage your viewers, the Charisma is a chic and polished rendition of a corporate presentation. Through modifications like adjusting the color palette and graphics, you can effortlessly customize it for personal purposes.


INVESTYLE – Elegant Google Slides Template

Investyle is a contemporary Google Slides template with visually compelling designs. It incorporates spaces for presenting impactful images and titles. The template comprises 75 distinctive slide layouts, available in both light and dark color schemes.


Fashion — Google Slides Template

This template, designed with a focus on fashion, serves as a pre-built introduction to your brand. Easily customize it with your color scheme, products, and information to create a professional presentation. Its polished appearance conceals how effortlessly it was put together!


THRAY – Modern Google Slides Template

Thray is a creatively designed Google Slides template with minimal content, making it an ideal choice for travel and adventure presentations. Customize its 30 unique slides with ease to suit your design preferences.


Hectic Business – Google Slides Theme

This contemporary Google Slides template provides a selection of 30 unique slides for crafting diverse business presentations and slideshows. Explore its versatility further with 5 different color schemes, along with included infographics and editable vector graphics.


Gloria – Colorful Google Slides Template

Gloria is a vibrant Google Slides template perfect for crafting lively and engaging presentations. With a grand total of 150 slides, the template boasts 5 distinct color schemes, coupled with image placeholders and a plethora of illustrations.


Communication Consulting – Free Google Slides Template

This complimentary Google Slides template is tailored for crafting straightforward presentations aimed at consulting firms and agencies. The template encompasses 16 exclusive slides featuring image placeholders and customizable graphics.


Insine – Creative & Colorful Google Slides Template

Insine is a vibrant and imaginative Google Slides theme designed for crafting polished slideshows for business and marketing presentations. The template boasts 50 distinctive slides with editable colors, vector graphics, and icons.


Nova – Modern Google Slides Template

Nova is a contemporary Google Slides template with a collection of expertly crafted slide layouts. Ideal for crafting presentations for creatives, agencies, and startups, the template encompasses 150 slides with customizable vector graphics and tailor-made infographics.


Vastra – Creative Google Slides Template

Vastra boasts a minimal yet inventive slide design, making it an ideal option for crafting marketing and creative presentations. This Google Slides template encompasses 30 unique slides, and you have the flexibility to select from 5 color schemes to tailor your presentations.


Sanma – Stylish Google Slides Template

Sanma is a visually compelling and creative Google Slides template with a focus on large images. It offers convenient image placeholders for effortless customization with your own visuals. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the colors. The template encompasses a total of 150 slides.


Business – Google Slides Theme

Tailored for diverse business presentations, this Google Slides theme offers modern and versatile slides. Whether you’re crafting slideshows for sales meetings, company profiles, or startup pitch decks, this template provides a contemporary and comprehensive solution.


Creative Portfolio Free Google Slides Theme

This free Google Slides template is designed for making portfolio presentations for creative professionals and agencies. The template includes 20 unique slides featuring transition animations, image placeholders, and more.


Case Study Minimal Google Slide Template

Crafting a chic and effective presentation for your case study is a breeze with this free Google Slides template. Tailored with case studies and reports in mind, it boasts 20 unique slides designed to enhance your showcase and presentation.


Xanthopsia – Google Slides Presentation Template

Xanthopsia offers a contemporary and sophisticated design enriched with abundant imagery, perfect for crafting engaging slideshows tailored to fashion and photography businesses. The template encompasses 50 unique slides.


Guiza – Google Slides Template

Guiza is yet another expertly crafted Google Slides template, presenting a choice of 5 distinct color schemes. Each template boasts a comprehensive set of 30 unique slides, contributing to a total of 150 slides across all variations.


Gradation — Creative Minimalist Google Slides Presentation Template

Gradation is a stunning Google Slides template showcasing a vibrant design. With a total of 50 unique slides in Full HD layout, it encompasses a rich collection of vectors, infographics, charts, graphs, and more.


Minotur – Google Slides Template

Minotur is a contemporary and simplistic Google Slides template with an exquisite design. Tailored for crafting presentations for modern and upscale businesses and brands, the template encompasses 50 distinctive slides.


Rafaela – Google Slides Template

Rafaela is a Google Slides template equipped with over 50 distinct slides, strategically crafted to accentuate your presentations through an abundance of images. The slides are effortlessly customizable and feature convenient image placeholders.


Strength White – Creative Google Slides Theme

This template for Google Slides incorporates 50 exclusive slides that offer seamless customization options for altering colors, images, and shapes. Additionally, it encompasses an array of vector graphics, infographics, icons, and more.


Business Plan Free Google Slides Template

This Google Slides template for business plans showcases a minimalistic and black-and-white design. It is well-suited for crafting straightforward and minimal presentations tailored to creative agencies and businesses.


Minimal Portfolio Free Google Slide Theme

This free Google Slides theme offers a creative option for crafting presentations, especially suitable for showcasing creative and agency portfolios. With 20 unique slides, it includes vector graphics, image placeholders, and customizable colors.


Zane Free Modern Google Slides Template

This free Google Slides template, Zane, presents a content-focused design for creating image-rich presentations. The template comprises 11 unique slides.


Nabati – Google Slides Template

Nabati is a minimalistic Google Slides template suitable for business, brand, and creative presentations. It offers 30 unique slides and is accessible in 5 pre-designed color schemes.


Gemio – Google Slides Template

Gemio is a dynamic Google Slides theme designed for tech and startup presentations, boasting 150 slides and 5 vibrant color schemes to cater to your creative needs.


BizPro. Google Slides Presentation Template

Effortlessly create a compelling business proposal presentation using this Google Slides template. It offers over 105 distinctive slide designs adorned with Font Awesome icons and a plethora of vector graphics, including maps, charts, and graphs.


Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

If you’re presenting a product, startup concept, or business strategy, this Google Slides template has you covered. Boasting 100 unique slides with a creative design and retina-ready resolutions, it’s perfect for your pitch.


NORS – Google Slides Template

Nors is an ultra-minimalist Google Slides template showcasing a sleek, clean design. Its modern aesthetic effortlessly captivates the audience, with a generous offering of 130 unique slides. Additionally, the customizable colors and graphics enhance its adaptability.


VIGO – Modern & Minimal Google Slides Template

Vigo is a meticulously crafted Google Slides template featuring 110 distinctive slides with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The slides boast a clean background to accentuate the content, accompanied by a set of 500 line icons for added visual impact.

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