5+ Best AI Video Editing Software 2024

Best AI Video Editing Software has transformed the once-dreamed-of task of automating video editing processes. Tasks such as removing silent portions, eliminating backgrounds, and refining audio are now automated thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It’s astonishing how rapidly AI has enhanced our lives, especially in the realm of video editing. AI video editing software now possesses capabilities that were once unimaginable. In this article, we delve into some of the finest AI video editors and their remarkable features, guaranteed to elevate your work.

While these tools may not enable you to edit Hollywood movies with a simple click, they undoubtedly simplify your job by automating tedious tasks.

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1. InVideo AI

InVideo AI is an all-encompassing platform equipped with the essential tools to transform text prompts into engaging videos. With a variety of AI features, it seamlessly guides you through the process, from crafting a script to incorporating voiceovers, editing, and everything in between.

Best AI Features

InVideo incorporates a ChatGPT-style AI tool that enables you to generate, edit, and enhance videos solely through text prompts.

With just a topic input, InVideo constructs scenes using stock video footage, incorporates voiceovers in various accents, and applies transitions to create a video out of thin air.

Following this, you can delve into the editing process, refining the video script and narrative effortlessly using text prompts. Crafting engaging videos has never been simpler.


2. Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro stands as the go-to choice for video editing among professionals, maintaining its industry-leading position. In 2023, Adobe reinforced its video editor, endowing it with a suite of remarkable built-in AI tools and features. This enhancement solidified the software’s dominance in the industry.

Best AI Features

One of the standout AI features in Premiere Pro is its text-based video editing tool, allowing you to edit videos based on transcripts. This feature facilitates the identification and removal of filler words like “ums,” “uhs,” and silences with ease.

Premiere Pro also boasts an AI-powered audio enhancement option that efficiently eliminates background noise and enhances audio quality with a single click.

Scene Edit Detection is a valuable tool that automates the detection of different scenes in a video and applies cuts accordingly, streamlining the manual process of scene scanning.

Additionally, Premiere Pro offers various other compelling AI features such as motion tracking, remixing, color look replication, ducking, and more.


3. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora stands out as a powerful video editing tool with a myriad of features. The recent version of the software introduces numerous beneficial AI-powered features, notably the AI Copilot editing feature.

Best AI Features

With Filmora’s latest AI copilot editing, you no longer need to search for specific tools and make manual adjustments. Now, you can simply provide commands using text prompts to make enhancements, apply filters, and accomplish tasks within seconds.

Filmora also boasts a robust text-based editing feature, akin to Premiere Pro, enabling you to edit videos based on the transcript.

Moreover, the software includes a handy AI music generator, text-to-video generator, vocal remover, and various other AI tools, enhancing its overall capabilities.


4. AutoPod

AutoPod is a video editing software tailored for long-form videos and podcasts. If you deal with extensive content such as video podcasts, interviews, documentaries, and various show formats, AutoPod significantly streamlines your editing process, particularly when working with multi-camera sequences.

Best AI Features

AutoPod’s standout feature is its multi-camera editing capability, streamlining the process of making cuts and edits in multi-cam footage effortlessly.

The JumpCut editor in AutoPod utilizes AI to eliminate silences from videos.

Furthermore, the Social Clip Creator in AutoPod facilitates the creation of short clips from long-form videos for easy sharing on social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube shorts.



VEED stands out as a versatile platform encompassing video editing, screen recording, and transcription tools, all consolidated into a single platform. It not only provides comprehensive video editing capabilities but also incorporates several impressive AI-powered features.

Best AI Features

VEED introduces a robust voice dubbing feature, enabling users to substitute voiceovers in videos with AI-generated voice tracks. The platform also facilitates video transcription. Additionally, VEED empowers users to create videos with AI, incorporating realistic avatars and stock videos.

Furthermore, VEED offers various AI tools such as a background remover, AI image generator, and an eye contact tool to maintain consistent eye contact with the camera in videos.


6. CapCut

CapCut, widely recognized as a popular video editing app among social media content creators, particularly TikTokers, extends its capabilities with a desktop app featuring noteworthy AI-powered features. Remarkably, this software is available for free!

Best AI Features

CapCut’s Voice Changer tool enjoys popularity for its ability to create fun and entertaining videos through voice alterations, including text-to-speech voiceovers generated within the app. Notably, the AI Video Upscaler is a standout feature, capable of upscaling videos to 4K without compromising quality.

Moreover, the software offers video retouching options, allowing users to smoothen skin, apply makeup, and incorporate various other effects.


7. HeyGen

We don’t encourage the creation of deepfake videos. However, HeyGen offers a unique concept – generating a deepfake avatar to replace you in videos. This means you can avoid recording video footage for your content.

Best AI Features

HeyGen enables you to design an AI avatar that closely resembles you, and then it generates video footage based on that avatar for your content. While this involves a form of deepfake, it offers the convenience of not having to record any footage for your videos.

HeyGen also incorporates other AI tools, such as text-to-speech and voice cloning.


Best AI Video Editor Should You Use?

Adobe Premiere Pro is the ideal choice if budget isn’t a concern, providing comprehensive tools for post-production, backed by Adobe’s legacy of quality.

Wondershare Filmora and InVideo offer impressive AI features and are well-suited for beginners, particularly content creators and marketers. These platforms boast user-friendly interfaces.

Your choice depends on your expertise level and the content you wish to create. Prioritize testing the software and experimenting with AI features using free trials before opting for a paid plan.

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